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Website Design & Development

Front Rowe Marketing offers the perfect combination of web design and SEO performance.  We will optimize your website for conversion, with a mobile-friendly, and is updated regularly to ensure you are getting the most from your marketing dollars. 

Step One: Discovery

We schedule a meeting, either in person or via zoom, to discuss your business in detail.  What do you do? What do you sell?  Tell me about your business and your mission.

Step Four: Build

The website is developed.  We will target all the key issues we discussed previously to achieve the desired goals.  We will make adjustments where necessary.  Your feedback is very much apart of the process as we work together.

Step Two: Strategy

Let's talk strategy.  What are your objectives for the new site? What are your goals?  Do you need a new logo or a logo refresh? Will you require additional marketing materials? Social media?  

Step Five: Lauch

The website has been thoroughly reviewed, tested, and we are GO for launch!  Social media channels will inform viewers and any printed marketing materials will be ready for handout. Consistency is key here.

Step Three: Design

We will meet again to review mockups and/or designed for key templates, components, and elements.  Your feedback here is very important.

Step Six: Support

Front Rowe Marketing will continue to monitor the site, adjusting key words, and SEO where necessary to maintain your online presence.  This process is ongoing. 

Why Front Rowe Marketing?

We are local, professional, and we offer a full set of services that takes care of everything from design to updates, SEO (search engine optimization), and even hosting. 

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